University Hospitals MSC Building

3605 Warrensville Center Road. Shaker Heights, OH 44122
University Hospitals MSC Building

About the project

Owner/Architect/GC: University Hospitals, EBA, Detail, SSR
Square Footage: 149,100sf
Schedule Variance: July 2022 to January 2023

University Hospitals is a well-respected, internationally recognized hospital system with a reputation for compassionate care backed by quality research. The commitment to care is apparent in the work of every team member. Normally doctors or nurses come to mind when thinking about a hospital team, but it’s important to note that there are many team members outside of the hospital too that make University Hospitals’ lifesaving work possible.

The University Hospital Management Services Center (UH MSC) is a corporate office for UH executives and administrative teams responsible for hospital and patient logistics. While no patients are actually seen at the Management Services Center, the people working within its walls help make the life-saving work that UH does function seamlessly. The MSC building is the hub responsible for the deployment of emergency vehicles, a patient call center, and offices for corporate executives.

The UH MSC building consists of two buildings that were constructed in 1965 and 1995 to be combined into one large building. In late 2020, when the decision was made to renovate 2 floors of the UH MSC offices, the workplace had changed significantly since the buildings were originally constructed. Aesthetics had obviously changed, but more importantly, the way the space was being used significantly changed, UH’s primary focus for the renovation was creating a workspace that worked better for their employees.

It was also important to UH that the selected project team for the renovation be a diverse and equitable group. Next Generation’s reputation as one of the top Black-owned construction firms in Ohio, and a resume of successful UH projects made the firm the ideal construction manager for the project. The project team included architecture firm, EDA, and woman-owned design firm Detail. Being a design-build project, it was critical that Next Generation gain an in-depth understanding of what a successful renovation looked like for the client. For UH, success meant listening to employees' needs and meeting them, completing renovations without disrupting work that continued in the space, and getting the project done on time despite extreme material delays.


Before any renovations were designed, UH surveyed employees working in the MSC to learn directly from them what an ideal workplace would look like. One of the main takeaways from surveying was the need for more functional workspaces to make transitions between remote and office work simpler.

Renovations focused on reconfiguring the office space to incorporate “hoteling” desks for hybrid work, replacing HVAC systems, renovating all bathrooms, and a complete aesthetic update of the interior including ceilings, walls, lighting, paint, flooring, and countertops. Hoteling desks are a concept growing in popularity that allows employees to easily transition between their remote workstation and office workstation. The renovations done to the HVAC, VAV, ceilings, and lighting in the office brought significant sustainability improvements to the space by improving energy efficiency and light reflectance and reducing noise pollution caused by excessive HVAC systems. Updating the bathrooms on these floors was a main point of focus as well. Ultimately every surface within the two floors was renovated. Next Generation’s team self-performed interiors while subbing out other aspects of the project to qualified contractors.


A unique complexity of the renovation was the fact that the building remained occupied by the executive team while being renovated. This posed timing challenges for the construction team, which had to be considerate of certain quiet hours, and plan work accordingly to avoid having any idle time. Communication was key to making sure that Next Generation respected UH’s needs and held all other contractors on the job responsible for doing the same.


As a Construction Management firm, Next Generation understands the importance of timely communication and planning to respond to inevitable challenges quickly and avoid the avoidable. When tight windows were given to renovate bathrooms and replace the HVAC system, Next Generation worked diligently with their subcontractors to create and execute a schedule to get the work completed as efficiently as possible.

While many were experiencing material delays due to COVID, this project had no material-related delays. Because Next Generation was the design-build firm for the project, the firm was able to order and store materials well in advance of when they were needed on-site to avoid any delays and work the schedule around quiet hours.


This project was completed successfully in winter 2023. Thank you to University Hospitals for trusting us to care for your space and employees. Thank you to:

Demo/Abatement: Precision Environmental

Glass & Glazing: Allied Glass Services

Painting: Straight Line Painting

Flooring: The Ohio Floor Company

Ceiling Supplier: Foundation Building Materials

Millwork Estimator: Topcraft

Doors/Frames/HRDW: Cleveland Vicon

Bath Partitions/Lockers: Cleveland Vicon

Fire Protection Owner: Fox Fire Protection

Fire Protection Super: Fox Fire Protection

HVAC PM: Cline Mechancal

HVAC Sheet Metal: Sodexo/Roth

Electrical PM: Einheit Electric

Data/IT PM: Premise Solutions

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