InterContinental Hotel

9801 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106
InterContinental Hotel

About the project

Owner/Architect/GC: InterContinental Suites Hotel/VAA Architects
Square Footage: 5,500sf
Schedule Variance: Complete in Late May 2023

When Cleveland Clinic announced in 1999 that it would embark on a joint venture with a major hotel chain to build the InterContinental Suites Hotel, nothing like that had ever been done. But the Cleveland Clinic knew that their patients and their families could greatly benefit from extended stay lodging close to the campus. By 2003, the Cleveland Clinic was building the InterContinental Cleveland, a 15-story, 294-room, hotel connected to the Cleveland Clinic via a skywalk.

Since being built in 2003, the iconic InterContinental Hotel has helped to serve the millions of patients who come to the Cleveland Clinic to receive the world’s top medical care. In 2022, the Cleveland Clinic treated over 3.4 million patients from across the globe. For those Cleveland Clinic patients that require long-term on-site care at the world-renowned hospital’s main campus, the InterContinental Hotel is an inviting space that allows for a luxurious hotel stay at a discounted rate for patients' families, while being connected to the main campus via an easily accessible skywalk.

The Cleveland Clinic is proud of the service that is provided to guests at the InterContinental Hotel and makes it a priority to consistently maintain the hotel’s aesthetics and general maintenance. Currently, the Cleveland Clinic and InterContinental Hotel are working through a multiphase project that will see deferred maintenance completed throughout key areas of the building and updates to common spaces including the main entrance and lobby.


The Next Generation Construction team has been a trusted partner on Cleveland Clinic projects acting as an interior contractor, design-build firm, and general contractor on various projects for the Clinic since 2017. Next Generation’s reputation for success and on-schedule completions made the firm ideal for the phase 2 updates of the InterContinental Hotel which included updating over 100 linear feet of fire doors and wood trim spanning the skywalk. Extremely long lead times made a seemingly simple project difficult, but involving a proactive general contractor allowed the maintenance to be completed without slowing down the remaining project work.


The skywalk connecting the InterContinental Hotel to the Crile and J Building is an essential amenity for guests of the hotel. The skywalk was originally built with a fire-rated glass containment wall, fire-rated wood, and fire-rated aluminum. The Next Generation team was hired to replace 100 linear feet of fire doors and sprinklers, which also meant a renovation to the skywalk bridge. The use of premium materials was important to the project team and came with a long lead time of over a year. The fire-rated glass containment wall had a lead time of 56 weeks, while the fire doors had a lead time of 30 weeks. Because Cleveland Clinic engaged Next Generation on the project from the start, the team was able to quickly work to walk the job site and get accurate quantities for ordering materials.

Once materials were on-site, work was completed successfully in winter 2023 in a couple of short weeks. The Next Generation team worked diligently to remove existing wood trim and disarm and bury the current sprinkler and fire systems. In total over 100 linear feet of fire doors were installed and all removed trim, walls, and ceiling were replaced.


With the on-time completion of phase 2 of the InterContinental Hotel renovation, the hotel will begin to move on to its next phase of renovations. Thank you to Cleveland Clinic for giving us the opportunity to serve your patients at the InterContinental Hotel. Thank you to Reserve Millwork, Dependable Painting, Bradley Stone, Pioneer Cladding and Glazing, Action Door, Messina Flooring.

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